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About us

We have two campus libraries, one at our Fairview Campus and the other at our Grande Prairie Campus. Each library offers books, videos, journals, study space, computer access, and many more resources and services. Our staff can't wait to help you succeed!

Welcome to your GPRC Library

Grande Prairie Library Policies

Food & Drink Policy

In order to maintain a pleasant learning atmosphere, food and drink are allowed under the following terms:

  • Group Zones: non-aromatic food, covered drinks.
  • Computers: covered drinks only.
  • Quiet study: non-crunchy food.
  • Silent Study: no food.

The Library is located in a small space that is not conducive for select users to consume food. Smells, stains, and garbage are consequences that lead to extra work, repair costs, and unpleasantness for the majority of users. However, the Library is conveniently located close to the cafeteria and comfortable seating is nearby for students to consume hot & aromatic food. We understand the need to maintain biological needs while studying and allow students to bring snacks that will not make a lot of noise to consume (crunchy foods) as well as enjoy beverages in covered containers.

This policy is not meant to be punitive; rather it is about creating and maintaining an environment that serves the common good.


Our users have multiple expectations of the library; patrons desire locations to meet classmates and group partners to collaborate while also seeking quite places for focus and concentration. In order to be as accommodating as possible to the varying needs of our students, the following noise zones have been implemented:

Group: moderate conversations permitted, considerate cell phone use

Quiet: conversation is quiet and short, phones are sent to silent or vibrate, headphones are inaudible to others.

Silent: no conversation, phones are silent, headphones are inaudible to others

The library’s unique physical arrangement is not conducive to allow for unrestricted volumes, especially as there are two large portholes between the two levels and noise travels up. We ask students to self-regulate noise levels so as not to disturb neighbours; staff may intervene and request that students lower their voices. We also ask that students keep tone and content of conversations respectful and appropriate for public settings. However, we are ideally situated near the cafeteria and student lounge for merriment.

Lost & Found

The Library is not responsible for items left unattended and advises students to be mindful that thefts can happen.

The Library will store items that are left behind for a brief period of time before giving items of value to Security. If you think you have left something behind, please ask at the Service Desk. If the item is not there, we will advise you to check with Security as well.

Group room policy

Room F218 is available for bookings up to 2 hours. There must 2 or more users and back to back bookings are prohibited. Bookings are made online and users will receive a confirmation email once it is booked.

Group study space is at a premium in the library. If space is available when an individual arrives, they are most welcome to use the space until it is needed by a group. The group may ask the individual user to relocate or may ask library staff to do so.

We understand that students may prefer to spread out and settle in; however, space that is conducive for groups must be prioritized for those who will use it in the capacity that it was meant for.

Collection Development Policy

It is our mission to provide our community of scholars and researchers access to pertinent and factual information. This includes a robust and diverse book collection that upholds academic standards. It is important to us that students are exposed to diverse academic opinions and thoughts as they develop their own.

We welcome suggestions for titles and resources to add to our collection; please refer these to the librarian.

Donated books policy

We appreciate the spirit of charitable giving and welcome donations that are relevant to the curriculum, contemporary or germinal to a discipline, in good condition, and not already in the collection.

Grande Prairie Campus
10726 - 106 Avenue
Grande Prairie, AB T8V 4C4
Phone: 1-780-539-2939
Fairview Campus
11235-98 Avenue
Fairview,AB T0H 1L0
Phone: 1-780-835-6641