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BA 1010


The following databases are excellent places to start your research. They will provide you with the authoritative and expert sources you are expected to use for your assignment. For an idea of how to use and navigate the databases in the most efficient way, visit the Keywords tab or make an appointment for Research Assistance.


The following websites have been approved by your instructor to use for your assignment. The content you will find in them is current and considered legitimate.

Bloomberg Businessweek

Canadian Business

Globe and Mail

Harvard Business Review

National Post


TED Talks


Unlimited Access

Many of the websites above allow limited access to articles. GPRC Library subscribes and offers unlimited access to researchers.

Off campus users must login using their library barcode & PIN.

Bloomberg Businessweek

Canadian Business

Globe & Mail

Harvard Business Review

You know that not everything online is true. That's why it's important to be selective about what you choose to read. Especially if you're reading as part of your research! Use the following test to guide you when looking for information for your assignment: 

R - relevance: does it relate to your topic? help explain your topic? who was it written for?

A - authority: who is the author or organization? what are their credentials or credibility?

D - date: is there a date? how old is the information? do the links work? 

A - accuracy: is evidence provided? is it cited correctly?

R - reason: why was this put online? is it scholarly, reflect an opinion, based on a hobby, or is something for sale?

Information found online is not always true.


 Academic Integrity

Academic integrity is demonstrated by:

  • doing and submitting your own work
  • giving credit to others for their ideas and works 
  • correctly quoting your sources 
  • correctly paraphrasing
  • correctly summarizing

Bottom line: It's your responsibility to be honest and give credit where credit is due.

Also, as a GPRC student you are required to abide by various policies. The following two are among them:

Grande Prairie Campus
10726 - 106 Avenue
Grande Prairie, AB T8V 4C4
Phone: 1-780-539-2939
Fairview Campus
11235-98 Avenue
Fairview,AB T0H 1L0
Phone: 1-780-835-6750