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Study Skills

Use this guide to learn different study strategies and read testimonials from our own instructors to help you succeed in college

Hints to study better

What is the difference between studying and homework? Do you think there is one? 

From the point of view of instructors, homework and studying are different. In their words "Homework is an assignment given to you by an instructor; studying is a time of learning and is your own responsibility" also "Homework is learning the content, studying is mastering the content" 

What are some of the basics to studying? 

  • Go to class
  • Listen to your instructor
  • Review your outline, assignment instructions, and marking rubrics
  • Finish all assignments
  • and 
  • Review the material. 

oh yeah,

  • And take care of yourself! Think that you are more effective studying without sleep? Think again! Without sleep and fuel (ie: food) you are running on empty. Fuel up and you'll be even better than you are now!

How do I learn best? 

Depending on your learning style you might need to watch videos, to listen to the material (read out loud if you need to), or perhaps move around while you're studying. Just make sure that what you are doing helps you study and uses your time efficiently. 

How you study also depends on the subject. Math, for example, needs to be done, not watched. It's like a sport; you need to practice it in order to master it.

Be open for new techniques and be flexible with the ones you are familiar with. Trying something new can benefit you.

Some people need to have a clean work area before they start. Allow yourself time for this. Other people are ok with clutter, and that's ok too. The point is, make sure you are efficient and using your time wisely. 

Should I listen to music? Sure!

There is a rumour that listening to classical music is best. Do you think that's true for you? How about pop songs in instrumental? 
It is true that songs without lyrics work best to not distract us and can quite often put us in the proper mood to focus. 

Be positive!

An upbeat attitude (even if it's fake!) can help you approach your studies with more confidence making it more likely that you will remember it. 

If you are satisfied with a "good enough" or a even a B, that's as high as you'll get. Strive for an A, work harder than 'enough' and you'll be surprised at the results! Label yourself as an A+ student. The confidence you give yourself will translate into your studies and your marks ~ Testimony from a 'B turned A' student



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