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Learning Portal - Career: Exploring Career Options

Exploring Career Options

Exploring Career Options

Before you commit to a program or career, you’ll want to make sure you have an idea of what it’s like to work in that field. You’ll probably also want to make sure that it’s something you actually enjoy doing. This module will discuss the importance of exploring career options.

Top Tips 

✓ Get your hands dirty! If you’re interested in a field, but don’t know much about it, get hands-on experience by volunteering or shadowing someone who works in the industry.

✓ Think back. Reflect on past jobs, high school co-ops, and volunteer work. Consider which tasks you enjoyed, and which you didn’t.

✓ Ask around. It’s hard to assess your own career-related skills and abilities, so ask for feedback from people who have seen you do work-related tasks -- for example, teachers, supervisors, or managers.

✓ Try before you buy. Take an individual class at a college to see if you like the subject matter before paying for a full-time program.

✓ Self-motivate. Some of your reasons for pursuing a career should come from within -- for example, personal interests. External motivation from family or friends is normal, but shouldn’t be your only reason.

Exploring Career Options

Watch this video (The Learning Portal Ontario, 2020) to better understand the importance of exploration in planning your career. You can also download the Career Exploration video transcript.



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