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EN 1201 Anna Lapointe

Getting started

What are scholarly materials? Why are they important to use?

Scholarly materials  have been written by experts for advanced-level users, not usually for the general public.

Claims are backed up with evidence and the material has gone through a vetting process to ensure quality and accuracy. Statements and facts are verifiable.

If you are using the library database to look for articles, you can select the option to view only Scholarly Resources. This is a simple way of finding scholarly sources. If you are using other sources, look for the following features to identify whether or not the items are scholarly:


-was it published by a university press? 

-is there a bibliography?

-are there footnotes or endnotes?

Journals & Articles

-is there a statement of peer-review?

-are there citations?


In doubt? Check with your instructor or a librarian.

For this assignment, you might choose to use the research starters as a source to use to build your annotations. Try typing in the word you are looking for into the OneSearch box to look for a research starter.

OneSearch allows you to look for research materials by Keyword, Title, or Author. These are the Basic Search features.

If you begin your research by using One Search from the GPRC Library home page, there will be a 'Research Starter' at the very top of the Results list. For example, if you use the Basic Search option to search for 'Dinosaurs'...

You will retrieve an extensive list of results because the system will display articles and other materials from all available content. There are a few simple steps to help limit the results; be sure to ask library staff for assistance to learn how.

At the very top of the list of results you will see the Research Starter.

Simply select   and the article will expand to give you background information on what you have entered. This information should provide you with enough background information to get started on research.

Print Materials

Online Databases

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