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Learning Portal - Faculty Toolkit: Linking to Learning Commons Resources

Linking to Learning Commons Materials

Sending class readings or course materials to your students? Use the tips and tricks below to make sure you are sending links that are accessible by anyone with a GPRC Learning Commons login. 

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Linking to Learning Commons Materials

What is a permalink?

A permalink is a persistent or constant link to a resource. It is a convenient way to share a link to a resource.

Can't I just copy the link from my browser?

Most Learning Commons resources are from vendors who use dynamic links through scripts to access items in their resources. This means the URL can change and will not be constant. In addition, the proxy to gain access to Learning Commons resources may not be included in the URL shown in the browser, and then you may be unable to access full text from the link later.

What is the learning commons' proxy?

The proxy server allows a user to authenticate as a GPRC user in order to access a resource. This is especially important off-campus. While on-campus, you may be recognized by the IP used at the computer, but off-campus (or using wireless), you will need to go through a proxy server and enter your GPRC credentials. This will then process you through the correct IP to access proprietary resources.

Can I just email a PDF of an article or book/chapter?

You may be in violation of copyright by doing so. In order to adhere properly to copyright laws, you should use a permalink instead.  

What if it is Open Access?

When an article is Open Access, go directly to the publisher’s website and locate the article. Then copy the URL from the browser or from the article’s share feature (where available). Sometimes you may directly post a PDF for something that is Open Access. This is going to depend on that specific publisher’s terms and if the article has a creative commons license. Check the publisher's website for this information, or contact them for permission. Otherwise, just use the link to the HTML version to be safe.



This resource is adapted for GPRC from material provided by Logan University (

Electronic Items

All article links need to be "authenticated" for off-campus access.  Many databases will provide a proxied link for you (aka permalink). sometimes located in Share icon  DOI links will also need to be proxied for access to subscription resources.

Use this form if your article DOES NOT have the following prefix:

  1. Copy the URL and paste it into the first box.

  2. Click on Convert.

  3. Copy and paste the converted URL to your D2L course.

Paste the link to the article or ebook.

Converted Link: Copy and paste this link to your D2L course.


Need more help?

Eden Murray-Black ( will be happy to help you create Perma-links for your learning commons resource material. Each vendor has a slightly different process. Included in this guide is the process for EBSCO databases as those are the most commonly used. 

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