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French Resources: Dictionaries and Grammar Resources

Dictionaries and Grammar Resources

(All of the resources below are available online for free.)


  • An all-purpose multilingual dictionary.
  • Identifies the gender(s) of nouns, and provides example sentences for proper usage.
  • Includes conjugation tables whenever you look up a verb (under "conjugueur").
  • Each page includes common set phrases using the searched word, and the very bottom of each page has links to discussion forums on additional uses of the word. You can also start a new discussion thread if the usage you're looking for isn't there!

Bescherelle Online

  • A conjugation tool where you can type in any verb, select it from the list, and review its conjugations in detail.

Lawless French

  • Run by Laura K. Lawless, this resource includes:
    • French grammar FAQ articles
    • Videos for listening practice at different levels (beginner - intermediate - advanced)
    • Verb conjugation tables
    • "The subjunctivisor" - a handy tool for figuring out when you need to use the subjunctive tense
    • Detailed discussion of all different parts of speech in French (nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, etc.)


  • A spelling and grammar check engine which allows you to copy-paste any French text and receive automatic suggestions.
  • Allows you to specify whether "je" should be interpreted as feminine.
  • Allows you to target specific aspects of the document for review (grammar, vocabulary).

Government of Canada Language Navigator

  • A keyword-based search tool that allows you to find articles on different matters related to French and English language.
  • Includes tips on the best ways to find resources in the navigator, found here.
  • Can search in either English or French.
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